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Katie Cook

Yoga Lehrerin, Masseurin

I have been practicing Yoga for 15 years, starting with the hope to find a balance in my already active life. I found so much more in the practice that I needed to teach and share this with others. I studied in Rishikesh, India, and have been teaching for over 4 years.
I have a deep respect for what Yoga is able to teach us, when we are ready to listen. Mindfulness is a way of life. To be present in all that we do and everywhere that we are. Yoga is constantly teaching us to slow down and find more patients in ourselves and encourages us to find more compassion for what we are and what is. 
In my classes, I focus on making peace with our bodies and what is. I try to encourage self love and compassion through my classes. I teach with a light heart and never had a class where there wasn't laughter and open space for everyone to be themselves. 

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Katie Cook
tel. 0676 44 74 544

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