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Self Care Workshop

with Katie Cook

Yoga - Meditation - Rituals 

This workshop is focusing on how we can take better care of our bodies, our emotions and our patterns. Taking our self care routine to a deeper understanding. Explore ways to make better decision about what self care looks like in our daily routines. 

We will be looking at:

~ morning rituals

~evening rituals

~essential oils

   ~why we use them for healing and how to use them in our daily rituals

~recognizing our emotional patterns and how to recreate new ones

~guided mediation for self love

~yoga practice for kindness and openness


I want to give others the gift of self-care that I have learned from different sources in my own journey.  That will encourage us to show more love and care towards oneself. I hope that everyone learns more about themselves and see that what we are doing today is impacting our tomorrows. 




I invite you to join me on Saturday December 8th in the Freiraum

Starting @ 13-17h

Cost 50€

There is space for 10, please email or message me if you would like to join!


Thomas Bucher
tel. 0660 46 12 643
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