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Info Abend Homöopathie

"Homeopathy and natural therapy" - Course in english

Sudden fever at night? Diarrhea during your vacation? Cough disturbing your sleep? Acute headache? Sleeping problem before an event? Sunburn at the beach?

You can treat those complaints by using natural remedies, which are completely safe and have no side effects. 

This course is especially helpful for parents who would like to avoid suppressive medicines when your children have acute conditions in daily life and during your vacation. It is also beneficial for those who are interested in treating themselves with safe and effective natural remedies. 

After the seminar, you will have an opportunity to buy some of the useful remedies you learn during the seminar. 


About Mitzi Toi:

Authorized Homeopathic & Naturopathic practitioner 

Mother of 2 children

Graduated from International School of Homeopathy London in 2011

Practicing homeopathy for 12 years. A lot of experiences of treating mothers and children with physical and mental complaints, such as skin issues, allergies, Auto-immune diseases, developmental disorders, childhood disease etc.  

Natrurheilpraxis Cocokara 


| Termin

   Di 16. Juli 2024

   19:00 - 21:00 Uhr


| Ausgleich

   35 Euro

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